With BC’s Future on the line
your vote is critical.

voting is now closed

This referendum is Wrong for BC

The NDP are asking British Columbians to vote on our democratic system in a hastily prepared, poorly-conceived referendum.

You can vote to either keep our current electoral system or switch to one of three handpicked proportional representation (Prop Rep) options.

We recommend voters opt to preserve our current voting system in BC.


The Referendum is Unclear

The NDP wants voters to approve proportional representation without knowing the details of how it will work.

The Referendum is Unfair

With only 50% +1 of ballots cast, our democracy in BC could be changed fundamentally.

The Referendum is Unbalanced

The referendum could well be decided by urban voters at the expense of rural voters who could end up under-served.

Prop Rep is Unstable

Prop Rep leads to more frequent elections with coalition governments formed in backroom deals.

Prop Rep is Untested

Two of the three Prop Rep systems on the ballot have never been used anywhere in the world before.

Prop Rep is Unaccountable

Rather than being directly accountable to their constituents, under Prop Rep candidates are selected by and accountable to their political party.

BC’s current voting system is simple, fair and democratic.

Let’s keep it that way.

So Why is there a Prop-Rep referendum anyway?

After the NDP and Green Party voted to topple the BC Liberal government in 2017, the Green Party made holding a referendum on proportional representation a condition for them to support a minority NDP government.
key voices oppose this referendum
“Look at the downside. You get 10 per cent of the votes, you get 10 per cent of the MLAs for an extremist party.” Ujjal Dosanjh

Former NDP B.C. Premier

“The dangerous risks of proportional representation should worry New Democrats and Greens considering changing our electoral system and opening the door of the BC Legislature to extremists.” Bill Tieleman

Veteran NDP supporter

“For all the professors who want to sit in Parliament but who can’t even get themselves elected dogcatcher, sure, it’s a good system,” Jean Chretien

Former Prime Minister of Canada

“Changing something as fundamental as our electoral system requires more than a simple majority in a mail-in vote with no participation threshold. We could see our entire democratic system changed on the basis of a fraction of voters mailing in their ballots.” Kevin Falcon

Former Deputy Premier and Finance Minister.

Will you help Protect our Democracy in BC?

Let us know.